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Changes from today

So yesterday was a fairly eventful day — probably nothing worthy of real note, but stuff that’s interesting to me, at the very least. And it’s my blog, so I’ll blog if I want to. First off, a friend of mine finally delivered on a semi-joking promise he’d made years ago. I’ve wanted a Mac […]

Java 8 streams are fun

I’m really starting to like the streams in Java 8, especially map(). It’s silly, I know, because it’s so simple, but it’s still very appealing to me. I haven’t really done any work to analyze whether it’s worthwhile in terms of performance; I haven’t actually seen the parallel streaming do anything for me, although I […]

My poor kids!

My oldest son came in this morning, telling us he’d checked his college algebra grades – he’s dual-enrolled, you know, so he’s in high school but taking classes in college – and he’d gotten 102% on his latest test. His teacher puts a bonus question on each test worth 5%, so naturally, I said: “So […]

Poetry: To Be a Man

This is something I wrote for my sons, as I watch them growing up. I try to be a good father; I don’t know that I succeed. They’re getting older, and I worry that somehow I’ve not armed them properly for being men – real men, not people pretending to live their lives. I don’t […]

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